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“Nina is one of the few exceptionally talented players who has a natural feeling for music and just as important a real understanding of performance.”

Peter Lloyd, Former principal flute London Symphony Orchestra

Nina’s recital was inspiring, engaging, and a total pleasure to attend.  She has a wonderful ease with an audience as evidenced by her remarks throughout the recital, and her performance was impressive. 

Philip Dikeman, Former Principal Flute Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Assimakopoulos' playing is endowed with such a beautiful sense of line and consistency of tone. I found myself dazzled by her ability to adapt her interpretive approach to the varied repertoire she presented. 

Jonathan Keeble, Internationally Acclaimed Flute Soloist

A poised, colorful, and dynamic flutist, Nina is an effective communicator who puts great thoughts and effort into engaging her audience, both personally and musically.

Nancy Stagnitta Loudenslager, Internationally Acclaimed Flute Soloist

In Buffalo, Nina Assimakopoulos’ concert was striking in many ways. First, her rich, clear and colorful sounds, beautifully articulated, made an immediate impression. As a flutist she is clearly in the upper tier of our profession. Everything is there-rhythm, dynamics, a wealth of colors- all in service of a strong musical intellect, deeply felt.

Robert Dick, Internationally Acclaimed  Contemporary Flute Specialist

Nina Assimakopoulos is an excellent flutist. Her CU recital was filled with virtuosity, beautiful sounds, and interesting repertoire. Nina has a motivated, energetic, and creative manner that permeates her choices both as a teacher and performer.


Christina Jennings, Internationally Acclaimed Flute Soloist

In the hands of Nina Assimakopoulos the flute is a kite, a nymph, a bolt of lightning.”

Rochester City Paper

Impeccable intonation and superbly fluid flute playing...if one adds to those qualities her radiant presence on stage, it is not difficult to understand why her St. Louis recital was a sensational success.

Minoo Mehta, President Artist Presentation Society

Assimakopoulos guided this sonic world tour with genuine musicianship, excellent technique...and uncommon projection and richness of tone in the flute's lowest register....In this performance the only jury was the audience, and they showered Assimakopoulos with high marks in the form of hearty applause and a lengthy standing ovation.

New York Concert Review, Carnegie Hall Debut 2000

Assimakopoulos...has a beautiful tone and plays expressively.

Flute Talk Magazine, October 2002

Assimakopoulos has a dramatic sense of pacing...from beginning to end she changes styles freely and remains in control of what she is doing musically.

American Record Guide, Johnson (CD, Flute Impressions) 2002

Nina’s artistry, beautiful tone colors, intelligent interpretations, and brilliant stage presence are captivating. She is a wonderful performer and teacher.

Katherine Kemler, Internationally Acclaimed Flute Soloist